Alana HuntI am meeting clients by phone or by video only for many reasons, including my fondness for a short commute! You are very welcome to book an appointment online using the Online Portal. If you find that you cannot open an account on the Online Portal, that means that I am not accepting clients at the moment – sometimes I need to close the calendar to new clients so that my existing clients have a chance to book appointments. Please note that I offer an introductory discount rate for the first session, set out in the Online Portal, instead of free consultations. My regular fees are also set out in the Online Portal and are $25 more than the discount rate. If you have extended health care benefits that you hope to use for any session, please confirm the extent to which your insurer will reimburse you for your payment of my fees before you make an appointment. Thank you!

My email address is and you can also send me a secure message from an account you create for yourself at the Online Portal Messaging tab.

I appreciate you connecting with me. I hope to meet you soon!

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