Something is wrong, but what?

Sometimes you don’t know what’s wrong … you just know something is wrong. Sometimes you feel stuck or lost in transition. Behaviours and thoughts that were helpful may have become unhelpful and harmful. Maybe you are tired of feeling unlovable, disconnected, incompetent, alone, anxious or depressed. You may be living with a problem. But you are not the problem.

Building momentum, one step at a time

I believe change is about building forward momentum, one step at a time, to tackle a challenge … much like climbing a mountain where you have gear and the unknown ahead of you. There is only so much planning you can do when facing the unknown. If you have help tackling that challenge in safety, like a guide or an anchor, even when you find yourself on shaky ground and are facing insecure footholds, deep crevasses and maybe difficulty breathing, you can find yourself on the other side of that challenge. That doesn’t mean it is easy to head into the valley with the memories of everything you learned on the upward journey. In fact, those memories may fade – your skills, knowledge, resources and capabilities may slip from your mind.

Safe, collaborative, empathetic and respectful

In therapy, I will help you tackle your challenges in a safe, collaborative, empathetic and respectful environment. This helps give you the space you need to work towards exploring and deepening those skills, knowledge, resources and capabilities – so you can learn how to get on the other side of your challenges.

Whether by phone or online, you can get that support you need

We can speak by phone or you might want to try online counselling.

“… the person is not the problem.” Karen Young

Depression, anxiety and other stressors

My clients typically face one or more internal and external stressors or challenges like: depression, anxiety, emotional distress, self-esteem/self-worth, relationships, communication difficulties, perfectionism, academic and work-related concerns, life transitions, career transitions, loss, stress, coping, job and workplace stress and trauma.

“…What happens is of little significance compared with the stories we tell ourselves about what happens.” – Rabih Alameddine

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